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The CLC 70 Conveyorized Laser Cutter is designed for cutting directly from rolls or from sheets . It can cut material 70" (1.8 m) wide into any length pattern.
The material is transported under the gantry where it is "cut-on-the fly" while material is moving. The software automatically divides long patterns into "slices" (frames) that are cut continuously.

This compact modular unit can be suited to current needs and easily upgraded to satisfy future requirements for increased production.

Innovative and cost effective designs are based on proprietary technology and offer superior productivity rates at a modest investment for automated cutting.


  • Very safe, totally enclosed cutting area with safety interlocks
  • PC Windows based, user friendly, interactive operation with a click of the mouse
  • Compatible with most CAD/CAM software (HPGL, Gerber cut file, DXF etc.)
  • The conveyor is composed of proprietary lattice surface which allows for cutting with virtually no back reflections
  • Simple design, optimized by incorporating the highest quality, readily available, off-the-shelf components, guarantees maximum up time and minimum maintenance requirements
  • AC servomotor drives ensure precision cutting at high speed / acceleration
  • Optional Material Feeding System for loading material


Cutting Speed

Up to 90 in/s, 5400 in/min, (2.3 m/s)

Rapid Speed

Up to 120in/s, 7200 in/min, (3 m/s)


Up to 2g (20 m/s2)


+/- 0.004" (0.1 mm), (+/- 0.001" optional)

Overall dimensions

10 (3 m) wide x 18 (5.5 m) long x 5 (1.5 m) high

Cutting zone (W X L)

70" (1.8 m) x 52" (1.3 m)


From 25W to over 2000W depending on application

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