Easy to Use CNC Cutter Laser for Cutting Fabric, Vinyl, Plastic and More!

A couple days, that is all it takes.

We are proud to boast that any cutting laser that we produce is so simple to operate that you can learn how to be an expert within a couple days.  In fact, most of the skills required to operate the laser cutter have to do with a knowledge of optimum cutting speed vs. laser power for each material, information that we can provide. Thus, without having any previous knowledge of plastic laser cutting, you can start right away with a minimum of effort.

Using a Synrad CO2 cutting industrial laser, our laser machinery is designed specifically for ease of use and automation over long periods of time.  Our laser cutting system operates efficiently 24 hours a day, providing high accuracy, non-contact cutting that is perfect for any type of fabric.  Perfect for just-in-time manufacturing of complex and intricate patterns, laser cutting assures a perfect cut every time.

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