Laser Cutting System for Fabric & Textiles

From the garment industry to the automotive industry, cutting fabric to individual specification requires accuracy, speed and low cost solutions.  Laser stencil cutting offers just that solution.  At a rate of up to 2 meters per second, our CO2 laser fabric cutting system can work for you to produce those made-to-order products your business needs to produce with a minimum of waste and total ease of use.

Laser cutting offers a fabric solution that has dogged the textile industry for years - fraying.  Because the laser fabric cutting machine melts the textile fibres as it works, no tearing or fraying can occur that might lead to integrity problems down the road.  For textiles such as automotive airbags, and vinyl safety harnesses, this can be a prime advantage over mechanical cutting solutions.

Easy to use and offering a low long term operating cost, the CO2 laser cutter from RD Corp. provides the perfect solution for all your textile cutting needs.

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